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A New Place to visit with old mates

Abigail Dickinson
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As the days are getting colder, you need a place to catch up with mates, escape the office and share a few laughs.

There are an abundance of cafes opening all around Christchurch so coffee lovers are always spoilt for choice.

However, there are not as many places to go catch up with your mates. Nobody builds a deck in winter, so having a few cold ones in the back yard is off the table. Going to the beach or watching a match at  Hagley Park seems a lot less attractive in single digit temperatures.

 Luckily, there's a new destination in Christchurch changing this for people looking for an escape from the stressful office to a more laid back social setting.

The Boxed Inn, located in central Christchurch at 270 Saint Asaph Street is an entertainment centre where you can catch up for a drink that doesn’t come with the almond milk option. 

Boxed Inn serves local craft beers, ciders and other exciting brews that will keep you coming back again and again. You have the option of picking the playlist they play and plenty of seating for the whole crew. Queue up the songs you want to hear while winding down after a busy day or even during lunch hour.


Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular because of its improved taste, strength and greater variety. Since 2017 the demand for craft beer has increased by more than 34 per cent. You will be spoiled for choice at Boxed Inn where the range includes beers, ciders and an extensive range of locally produced drinks. It’s nothing like your standard pub. 

The venue encourages customers to purchase food from surrounding vendors and bring it in to enjoy with a drink or two. There’s no judgement in regards to bringing in outside food, so you can flaunt your packed lunch and pair a beer with those belated sandwiches.

 If you’re looking for a new place to catch up with the boys, check out Boxed Inn. If the office can get a bit much sometimes, try escaping it for a few hours and head over to get rid of some stress!