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Compiletely Bats - The kiwi band at the heart of Flying Nun.

Matthew Pledger
a bat2

Compiletely Bats is a documentary on one of the greatest kiwi bands of all time!

The Bats are an iconic band at the heart of Flying Nun Records, who have travelled the world and are loved in Australia, America, France and all across Europe.

The Line-up of Paul Kean, Kaye Woodward, Robert Scott, and Malcolm Grant remains unchanged for over 3 decades.

We are of the opinion here at The Garage 96.1 that this great Kiwi band should be in the NZ Music Hall of Fame. If you agree share this documentary!

If you loved this documentary, and you just can’t get enough of The Bats, share this with your friends and family.

This Documentary is made by Betsy Payne who is a talented Screen and Television student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School.