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Cranford Ale House Winner

Sam Wilkinson

Richard and Lauren’s 80’s were completely different and a lot of it was due to the age difference.

When Lauren was in the 80’s she was only 6 years old, whereas Richard was in his late teens and going flatting. Although throughout these interviews you can hear a lot of differences like the music taste, lifestyles and activities, they do have one thing in common and that is they both thoroughly enjoyed the 80’s for all it had to offer.

The last video posted on the Facebook about this competition is a mix up of the two interviews’ highlights, ranging from what music they listen/listened too, what concerts they went too and where they lived. Richards teen lifestyle is very relevant because the majority of The Garage listeners are around the same age as Richard and were teens in the 80’s and could enjoy everything there was to offer.

Lauren reminisced on her mother’s fashion choices for Lauren and her sister and especially the women's weekly cake cookbook which was the highlight of her year because she could choose any cake she wanted for her birthday. These included duck cakes, house cakes, train cakes etc.

Overall the competition was a huge hit with both interviews getting a lot of interaction and a lot of views. In the end of the competition Lauren won with the most engagement on her post and wins a $25 voucher for the Cranford Ale House, enjoy the voucher Lauren!