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Fangirls in the '80s vs fangirls today

Andrea Marshall

This article was a part of my repurposing content assessment. The original article was Weekly Top 10 with Lisa. I had to repurpose the content for ZMs audience.

Fangirls have been around for a long time but are we creepier now than back in the '80s?

'80s fangirl Lisa was in love with Ian McCulloch from Echo & The Bunnymen and even believed she was going to go to England to marry him! 

To this day The Killing Moon is still one of her favourite songs, so I think she might still have a bit of a celeb crush.

excited episode 1 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

Fellow fangirl from today, Shannon, was and still is in love with Reece Mastin. Now although he hasn't been heard from in a while she's still dedicated with heaps of posters of him on her wall and the lyrics of his songs stuck in her head at all times.

She even remembers when he played at her local mall and accidentally spat on one of her friends, which made her super jealous and she wished she could have been the lucky one to have that happen to. Is that getting to the stage of creepy?

creepy tv land GIF by YoungerTV

Now even though she's a huge fangirl, Shannon does believe that us fangirls have gotten a lot creepier since the '80s. Especially since we can stalk their every move online.

There have been heaps of stories of fangirls showing up to their celeb crush's house because they've stalked them so intensely online. Now I'm not saying that didn't happen in the '80s but it's definitely a lot easier now because of the internet.