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Selling, co-writing and producing ads Frobisher Interiors

Matthew Pledger

I along with another sales rep was responsible for creating, selling and writing this advertising campaign. I produced the ads by myself.

We received feedback from Frobisher Interiors marketing manager saying, "We have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Matthew and Jake. We found both of them to be very passionate, engaging and thoughtful about our campaign needs. They were prepared and listened well in our initial meeting, and they went above and beyond for our advert content. They listened and respected our wishes for a couple of edits, which were made very efficiently and in a timely manner. It has been a pleasure to support Garage Radio, and we wish both Matthew and Jake all the best in their radio careers." 

The Frobisher marketing manager also let us know they had previously done advertising with The Breeze in Christchurch and said the experience they had with us was far better and more professional.