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Hagley Park cycle tracks review

Finnian Murray
HagleyParkMap 736x1024

As you already know, Hagley Park is the heart of Christchurch’s city centre bringing greenery to a concrete jungle. There's so much up for grabs and a big standout is the cycle tracks.

Although they're not very difficult, Hagley Parks cycle tracks are a great way to relax during the weekend or even to use as a route if you cycle to work. There are many great tracks up for use, now although they aren't incredibly wide paths there is constant work being done to allow more room for cyclists.

If you work in the city centre and are a keen cyclist, then cycling to work is more appealing as there are multiple tracks that take you from one side of Hagley Park so you don't have to bike on the road next to cars.

If you're interested in a causal and relaxing bike ride then Hagley Park is the place to go. With smooth tracks and a few little uphill gradients, makes Hagley Park the ideal place to take the whole family young or old. The great thing about these bike tracks is that you can make them whatever length you choose. As soon as you've had enough you're able to turn around and head back, as a lot of other tracks require you to do the full loop because it's only one way.


Entertainment: 6/10

Scenery: 7/10

Difficulty: 3/10