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Instruments that are still changing lives

Abigail Dickinson
Abby 1

They may have given you epic music during the ’80s, but now some band members are choosing to use their equipment for another epic cause.

When a renowned musician decides to sell their instruments, it quite often generates some hype and a pricey bidding war.

However, a few of these bands are choosing to change lives with their instruments, and not just by creating music.

An acoustic guitar signed and decorated by Duran Duran raised NZ$5,257 to support Jimi’s Angels Dog Rescue, an organisation that helps rescue dogs from the Chinese dog meat trade.

Kirk Pengilly, of INXS, managed to raise over NZ$159,000 for various charities in an auction earlier in March. Many of the instruments he had accumulated over his 40 plus year career with the legendary Australian band.

And if you think this is a lot, compare it to the NZ$426,000 raised by Depeche Mode to support the British Teenage Cancer Trust in 2010. The auction attracted bidders from across the globe including Germany and Sweden.

These bands are proving that their popularity still exists even without frequent tours. And proving it in a way that can have a massive impact without having to release another epic single.