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John Wick: Chapter 3 Review

Nick Brown
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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum continues where John Wick 2 left off.

With the clock ticking down until John Wick becomes a wanted man with a $14M bounty on his head. So, the film continues with the tried and true action movie story line of Revenge.

But where John Wick 3 really shines is in it’s set pieces. The action in this movie is very entertaining, not because it’s a hero fighting 5 bad guys in a room. It’s John Wick fighting 5 highly trained ninja assassin’s in a room full of antique knives. It creates this sense of real entertainment and keeps you engaged in the fight and what’s going on. They obviously save the best fight scene till last but every fight scene in the movie is unique and shows off John Wick’s skills and creativity when it comes to killing people.

Keanu Reeves who plays John Wick has really established himself as this generation’s action star. According to an article, he did about 90% of his own stunts and it shows in this movie. Halle Berry was a pleasant surprise pulling off a lot of great action choreography, still looking amazing at 52 year old. Other great performances include Ian McShane as Winston the Manager of the Continental Hotel, and Lance Reddick as the Concierge of the Hotel also shines in his small time on screen.

Overall, It’s a fantastic action movie with amazing action set pieces that are even better than the past 2 films. These movies have set a new standard, showing that you only need a $55M budget to create in my mind, the best action movie of the year. So, if you enjoyed the past 2 John Wick films, then you are going to love John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum. I’m gonna give this movie an 8.5 out of 10.