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Joy Division: A Money Maker Then, Now and Forever

Connor Skoglund
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  SOURCE: sunburnsout.com

Joy Division was one of THE bands of the 80s.

Pumping out hits like “The Eternal, “Decades” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, just to name a few. 

However it’s hard to tell just how impactful a band like Joy Division was until after it’s ended, but judging from the recent sale of Joy Division memorabilia at Peter Hooks auction (the bassist and co-founder of the band), it’s safe to say Joy Divisions impact is fairly significant.

Hook, who has been collecting Joy Division memorabilia for over 40 years, held an auction earlier this month to allow fans of the band a chance to purchase a slice of music history.

One item that sold for a whopping  £4000 at the Omega Auctions were the lyrics to “Failures” typed onto a piece of paper under its original title “Failures of a Modern Man”.

A simple one-page itinerary for a cancelled 1980 European tour even managed to go for a smooth £2800.

Hooks ticket to a Sex Pistols gig where the idea of Joy Division was created sold with a bootleg vinyl Pistols recording and a reproduction photograph also managed to pull in £3600.

One of the most impressive sales drew £6200, which was for original artwork for Ideal for Living. The sale was attended by 100 spectators and room bidders, 400 online bidders from around the world and ‘Hooky’ himself.

These sales, as well as the numerous others, made it quite a profitable night for Hooky, as well as a modern reminder of the legacy and continued impact of the band that was and forever is Joy Division.