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More Than a Blind Man - The Kelven Scott Story!

Matthew Pledger

Kelven Scott is a blind man, but doesn't let that stop him from doing what he loves!

Kelven Scott is a regular in the Christchurch Cathedral Square. He is blind but it doesn't stop him singing and busking to his heart's content! 

He is blind but has an incredible outlook on life! "The thing is not to let people drag you down, and celebrate who you are."

Kelven has an incredible story of overcoming adversity as he was raised in a toxic household. "I didn't have a very nice upbringing, my original Father was very abusive."

His Mother was also had strong views on how Kelven should live his life, "She thought I should work in the factory all hours, and always made hints about overtime, you may as well do it, you have nothing else in your life."

Kelven explains that his mother would say, "you're not excepting your blindness". 

Kelven delves into an incredible run-in he had with the Mongrel Mob, what it was like for him to endure the Christchurch Earthquake as a blind man, his struggles with his mother to let him express himself and his love for folk music. 

Kelven Scott is More Than a Blind Man. 

Listen to his story in the interview below. 


More Than a Blind Man - The Kelven Scott Story