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More Than a Cricketer - Shane Bond's Story

Matthew Pledger
shan bond

From growing up terrorising his parents, to getting expelled from kindergarten, to becoming a policeman and now a father of 3 kids.

Growing up in Belfast, Christchurch Shane Bond was a terror. One instance of Shane oiling his Dads car, "the old man said to once about oiling the car, so i just got a tin of oil and tipped it all through the car" other offences included hitting his sister in the head with a toy truck, putting a cat on a campfire, placing kindling on his aunties carpet and going completely nuts after having a milkshake. However, this pails in comparison to Shane's worst offence, where he went number 2's in his mum's car "I crapped and rubbed it all through the car." Shane was then expelled from Harewood Playcentre and resulted in his mother taking her to a child psychology. 

Once at school Shane was more stimulated and overnight was a different person. He even talks about himself as a quiet, nervous and shy person. In his 3rd form class Shane met his future wife Tracey, explaining how they "Nearly hooked up at the 6th form ball." 

Joining the police was a turning point for Shane, as he learnt to be more confident in himself. "I think it builds an inner hardness and an inner confidence" 

Shane is now a father of 3 children, and during the interview reflects on his parenting and how he approaches difficult conversations. 

Part 1 focuses on Shane growing up, and the time he spent at Papanui High School which is riddled with funny stories. Shane also talks about his wife and his Family, and the importance they have to him.

Part 2 focuses on Shane's experience in the Police force with many hilarious stories, also reflecting on his personal growth he got during his time in the police force. Shane Also talks about travel and how it has given him a greater appreciation for life and cultures.

Part 3 is a collection of all the funny stories Shane shared in the interview.


More Than a Cricketer - Shane Bond's Story