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More Than a Footballer - The Bobby Almond Story

Matthew Pledger

In the interview Bobby talks of getting into mischief at school, working at a petrol station and reflects on his close friend Steve Sumner.

Bobby opens up about his close friend Steve Sumner and reflects on the impact Steve had on his life! Steve Sumner passed away in 2017 from cancer. When i asked Bobby where he wanted to have the interview, he said he wanted to do it sitting under the Steve Sumner Stand at English Park.

Bobby Almond was the Vice-Captain of the 1982 All Whites team that made the Football World Cup for the first time in NZ history, and played many games for club and country alongside the late Steve Sumner!

Bobby was a rather confident lad growing up and got himself into mischief at school! There is one story in particular involving flicking the ink of a fountain pen on his teacher whilst she strutted up and down the class. 

Bobby works in customer service at the Caltex petrol station down Blenheim road. Bobby is passionate about customer service and shares a great story of giving banter to customers! 

During the interview a group of primary school students came onto English Park to do some P.E. Bobby talks about how he thinks it's just fantastic to see the kids being so active and enjoying themselves. A lighter heartfelt moment in the interview.

More Than a Footballer - The Bobby Almond Story