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More Than a Musician - The Martin Phillipps Story

Matthew Pledger
Martin Phillips 3

Martin Phillipps, lead singer of The Chills is an iconic figure in New Zealand music. This is his story!

This is a three-part interview series on Martin Phillipps. 

"I guess I do have regrets, people my age have been raising family and kids are now leaving home. You can just see the most important thing is family and the most learning you'll get in your life is from the sacrifices you make for your kids and the patience you learn. I realize a part of me has stayed very immature because of that, I’m still in an adolescent frame of mind and am quite selfish in things I do, because I’ve never been through that process of being absolutely exhausted and still having to take care of a kid. So at 56, where I’m at now realising that there are some serious life lessons have been missed and it's too late is a wake-up!"


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More Than a Musician - The Martin Phillipps Story - Part 3