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Radio Without Picture : Epsiode 2

Matthew Pledger

This episode takes you "Around The World in 80s" on a world tour of music, exploring different music scenes in different countries!

In this episode we have interviews with Bruce Russell (Founder of Xpressway Records, Member of The Dead C), and Dr. Lee Borrie (Music Historian). 

We also hear from David Bowie, Radiohead and Kurt Cobain as they explain how 80's music defined them and inspired them! With a particular focus on how The Pixies and R.E.M inspired them!


The world tour

New Zealand

Don't Fight It Marsha - Blam Blam Blam

Kaleidoscope World - The Chills


Power And The Passion - Midnight Oil

Do You See What I See? - Hunters & Collectors


Dark Entries - Bauhaus

Disorder - Joy Division

Ireland & Scotland

When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine

Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain


Debaser - Pixes

Radio Free Europe - R.E.M


Listen to the music commentary and interviews in the episode!