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Mikayla Morris
  SOURCE: Pinterest: @lacodak

Mikayla 3

When looking into Christchurch in the ’80s the idea of solastalgia popped up a lot. 

After the earthquakes, people were looking back at old photos and remembering Christchurch in its glory days.

While looking into the depths on the internet I found comments of people recalling their favourite places.

These included The Firehouse, a very popular nightclub on Colombo street in the ‘80s until it ironically burnt down in the early ‘90s.

The Hillsborough Tavern who hosted artists such as the Screaming Mee Mees, Coconut Rough, Dance Exponents and DD Smash (all of which you can hear on The Garage!).

Memories of the old Cave Rock Hotel in Sumner with $5 jugs on sunny Sunday afternoons.

The Carlton Hotel which “had this massive Lounge Bar, always packed out with live bands and dancing.

Police raids and all the girls would run to the toilets. A blanket of smoke lingering in the air. A double black Russian - $2”.

 SOURCE: Pinterest: @lacodak

One of my favourite comments was someone remembering The Gladstone and how their ears are still ringing to this day to which another person replied “Saw the Hoodoo Gurus there. You had to get on your hands and knees to get to the bar”.

These are just some of the wonderful memories I came across when looking back at Christchurch during the ‘80s.

If you would like to look further into Christchurch during the ‘80s check out Meet Me in the square: Christchurch 1983-1987 a book by David Cook that contains photographs he took of Christchurch in the ‘80s along with ticket stubs and notes he had written in his diary at the time.

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