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The 80's with Lauren

Sam Wilkinson
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Everyone’s 80’s experience would have been different.

This could be due to location, ethnicity or many other variables. But one thing that everyone seems to have in common from this unforgettable time is the utter love for music that broke through into the 80’s by beloved bands that still get talked about today. Lauren enjoyed reflecting on growing up in the 80’s and has some funny stories from her family.  

She reflects on how much she enjoyed the fashion or the 80’s, Lauren and her sister would have matching outfits they wore to school and would have the same hairstyle too. This included scrunchies, Rara socks and clothes their mum made them.  

Although she was only 6 years old in the 80’s, she has plenty of memories of what her family did to reinforce and insert the 80’s life style into their lives, especially with music. Her sister being a vinyl fanatic like her father meant there were a lot of vintage vinyl's amongst the family. Although she was young, Lauren still appreciates and loves the music.

When reflecting on her favourite alternative artists, she mentions The Cure, Violent Femmes and The Clash amongst others and who are all frequently played artists on The Garage.  
The consensus on whether people who lives through the 80’s want to go back is a 100% yes. Lauren wants to go back for the fashion, concerts, the toys and music but would have to take her modern-day technology with her so she can keep in touch with her kids.