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The Alternative Audit- Personal Jesus

Connor Kitto
The Alternative Audit2

Episode 5 of the Alternative Audit- Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus

Firstly, this episode is at the bottom of the article if that is the only reason you are here, and I don't blame you. I edit audio, not write stories.


This song is undoubtedly one of the greatest Depeche Mode tracks ever, daring to challenge their own genre and writing style up to this point. It is intelligent and catchy, inspiring and risky, everything a Depeche Mode fan could have asked for in under five minutes. 

Depeche Mode wanted a new sound and approach for the recording of their album violator, and this single is a prime example of just that. Almost seemingly disregarding what seemed to be a strict sound of synth and electronic music, Personal Jesus takes influence from Rock, Country, Pop and some of the greatest artists involved in those genres.

A heads up, this episode includes music from the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Def Leppard and a couple other artist's you'd probably rather not listen to. But suck it up, it's definitely worth enduring promise me. 

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Personal Jesus

Ep. 5