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The Chills: The Triumph & Tragedy of Martin Phillipps

Finley Caddie
The Chills4

The Dunedin Band, ‘The Chills’ have completed their United States Tour and are on their way home.

The release date, May 2nd, has now been confirmed for the exciting new film “The Chills: The Triumph & Tragedy of Martin Phillips”.

“The story of lyrical genius, Martin Phillipps and his band, The Chills, is a cautionary tale, a triumph over tragedy, and a statement about the meaning of music in our lives.”

Martin Phillips came extremely close to breaking the international music scene with his band The Chills, but instead fell into years of debt and addiction in his home town Dunedin.

At 54, he was given a medical prognosis, forcing him to face his demons and realise his musical ambitions before it’s too late.  

“This intimate portrait follows the eccentric Martin as he reconciles a lifetime’s worth of curious collections, looks back on a catalogue of heavenly pop hits and reclaims his place in the iconic Flying Nun and Dunedin Sound. With a startling sense of humour even in the blackest moments, we bear witness to one man’s universal battle with the fear of failure and the jarring reality of his own mortality.” - notablepictures.com

“Listen to the rock music that personifies 1980's New Zealand, when people loved their leather jackets, and lived through the doldrums. Discover one of New Zealand’s most important songwriters and the groundbreaking era that changed the way the world appreciated New Zealand music.” -  Flicks.co.nz


 SOURCE: Twitter: @TheChillsFilm