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The Cure: Disintegration 30th Anniversary

Mark Ledgerwood
The Cure2

On May 30th 2019,The Cure brought the world together inside the Sydney Opera House, with only a matter of clicks of the mouse.

The mood was set from the very start. 

The Sydney Opera house dark, leaving only the silhouettes of the audience to create a sea of black, 

Ghostly stage lighting creating a beacon of Gothic Rock glory. 

Moments of anticipation feeling like a lifetime.

When suddenly, the first chimes of Delirious Night are greeted by the roar of the crowd. 

Robert Smith and his band have always been true to their character. The character of being about the music and not their own success. In most interviews the band remain humble and honest, and last night they proved it.

As the Disintegration tour ended, The Cure paid homage to their fans by streaming the entirety of their last concert at the Sydney Opera House live through Facebook Live and YouTube in an event lasting nearly 2 and half hours, for all to enjoy 

Delivering a performance in a way that only The Cure can to a sold-out concert, and over 24,000 fans streaming the gig online, with Smith bringing his ever present moody, soulful personality to the stage.

A stage that looked like it was right out of an 80’s Cure music video, with the stage littered with cobwebs and certain grit.

Playing a massive 22 song set list, Robert Smith never missed a beat.

His famous, haunting voice the world has come to know, sounding the same as it did 30 years ago, striking ever note perfectly.

His stage presence never faltering, moving no more than a few steps, but translating the pure emotion of each lyric with his eyes.

The ethereal Roger O’Donnell, delivering each melody beautifully from the keyboard.

All of this perfectly captured by the cameras and delivered to those who could not be among the crowd.

Taking people back to their youth, when they saw The Cure Live for the first time.

The live comments displayed raw emotion:

‘I feel like a teenager. It’s crazy how he managed to keep his voice at the point all these years’,

‘Wow!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Gives me Goosebumps every time I hear it’, 

‘Just imagine 30 years ago- to turn on your TV and see live transmission of The Cure, Playing a full show. Impossible’.

After an impressive encore that included the theme song from Brandon Lee’s final film, The Crow, and a symphonic cover of Wendy Waldmans song Pirate ship.

The night ended perfectly with a standing ovation from the crowds both in the Opera House, and probably from all those who were watching at home,

Robert Smith signing off with only two words,

But those two words summed up the entire night perfectly; 

‘Thank you’.