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The Goonies, Where Are They Now?

Zoe Norton
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34 years has passed since the classic 80s film was released, and there are rumours of “The Goonies” remake coming to Netflix.

What better way to refresh your memory of the 5 adventure-driven kids than an update of their life over the past 34 years.

Let’s find out what they have been doing.

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Sean Astin:

Astin 48, Also known as “Mikey” went on to pursue a further acting career with his most recent appearance in the Netflix series “Stranger Things" season 2. He has also played ‘Sam’ in “The Lord of the Rings” and don’t forget his successful career in voice-over as Raphael in Teenage Ninja Turtles. Astin has gone from strength to strength.


Josh Brolin:

Brolin 51, who played “Brand” in the film has taken full potential in his acting talent. This Texas born star had hooked himself roles as a policeman, hunter and even the president of the United States. Brolin is an Oscar-nominated star with high hopes for this years academy awards after his role as a villain in the popular film “Avengers - Infinity War” was released this year. Success came in many strides for Brolin and he took it at fast pace.

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Jeff Cohen:

Cohen 44, the iconic “chunk” remembered best by his truffle shuffle in The Goonies. After his debut, he featured in other childhood films such as “Ask Max”. Since that mockery of his childhood weight he had taken up football in high school and lost that “chunk” that we all know him as. He attended Berkeley University and earned himself a degree in law in 2000 and later became an entertainment lawyer in 2002. Cohen has taken the business approach to his career and highly paid off.

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Corey Feldman:

Feldman 47, who played “Mouth” has had a roller coaster of a career. In his youth, he appeared in over 100 television commercials and over 50 television shows. In his adulthood, he battled with drugs which began shortly after filming “The Burbs” in 1989. Feldman fought to get his life and career back on track with working alongside youths starring in several minor films. Also made a return to voice Donatello on the original live action Teenage Ninja Turtles. In recent events in 2016 he explained his new song album “Angelic 2 The Core” which caused backlash from the public due to its unusual nature. Feldman was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the third annual young entertainment awards last year in April 2018.


Jonathan Ke Quan:

Ke Quan 47, named “Data” in the film due to his inventory nature. Shortly after “The Goonies” film he played a pickpocket orphan in “It Takes a Thief” in 1986. He has featured in television series such as “Together We Stand” and the sitcom “Head of the Class”. Ke Quan played a starring role in the 1993 Mandarin language television show “The Big Eunuch and the Little Carpenter" which ran for 40 episodes. He last appeared on screen in 2002 on the Hong Kong movie “Second Time Around”. Ke Quan, like the rest of “The Goonies” team, has had a successful career in his own path.

Since the release of “The Goonies”  34 years ago the team have definitely fulfilled their careers. I will be keeping an eye out for “The Goonies” remake which I am sure all our fingers are crossed for.