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The New Retirement Plan?

Patrick Baynes

Saving up to pay off the mortgage before retirement may no longer be the ideal thing to do.

With the popularity of the flat pack homes growing. Selling up the house and downsizing once the kids have moved out could be the new way to go.

So what is a flat pack home and how does it differ from a standard build? It really does say it all in the name. It’s a flat pack home, it comes in prefabricated pieces that even a DIYer can do themselves. Supplies do still advice it is erected by a builder.

Being far cheaper than a regular build with a 60 square metre house starting at $64,700 + GST from Bunnings. Subdividing the section or picking up a cheap piece of land a little out of town, standing up a flat pack home and selling the old house could see a freehold home with money in your back pocket.

 60 square metres may sound small. But when it’s only you and your spouse you don’t need a lot of space and a compact house means it’s easier to maintain. You get all the benefits of modern living such as double glazing and insulation, heat pumps and the latest appliances and best of all, it can all be done in three months.