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Top Five Shows from the '80s that need a revival

Ryan Bishop
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Going back in time to the 80s, family sitcoms that were kind of everything back in the day.

Some of them stayed in the decade while others merged into the '90s, but in both cases, they paved the way for some of the great TV we have today. There are a tonne of family shows from the '80s that need a comeback right now. Sometimes you just can't beat the nostalgia of these classic '80s family shows.

Number five….


Different Strokes

No one will ever get out the iconic phrase "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" quite like Gary Coleman, but Different Strokes could totally use a reboot. Maybe it’s asking too much for another young actor to attempt the line, but the story of young orphans being taken in by their housekeeper mother’s wealthy boss could easily be redone.

Number four….


Growing Pains

Growing Pains aired from 1985-1992 and starred Robin Thicke as a work-at-home dad and his misadventures with his family. The show also later co-starred Leonardo DiCaprio, so a reboot could totally feature a DiCaprio cameo.

Number three…

family ties keatons2Family Ties 

Family Ties relied heavily on the '80s culture thanks to the parents in the show being former '60s hippies turned suburbanites. The show is most well-known for helping to jump starting Michael J. Fox’s career and it is easily an '80s classic.

Number two…

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Family Matters

Family Matters premiered in 1989, so technically it just made the cut as one of the best family shows from the '80s. The beginning of the series is mostly about the Winslows dealing with their annoying next door neighbor Steve Urkel. The later seasons, however, are more about Steve and Carl Winslow's misadventures. Since Urkel is pretty much timeless, a Family Matters reboot would be perfect to see how Urkel turned out.

And finally, at number one….

alf warner bros e1533220615626


ALF is about yet another '80s suburban family, but in this case, they also have an Alien Life Force, or ALF, as an honorary member of their family. If ALF made a comeback today, I feel like he could make some seriously funny borderline adult jokes.