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Transport back to the '80s

Raynor Perreau
vinyl cafe

We've found a place that'll transport you back to the good days, and what’s even better? They play The Garage 961 there.

Imagine going to a place that transports you back to the days where you’d be listening to The Chills, Depeche Mode, or The Dance Exponents, before a night out at The Carlton, or the Hillsborough… Well, we’ve found the place for you. And what’s even better? They play The Garage 961 there.

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John opened Vinyl Cafe two years ago, after 20 years of carrying around boxes and boxes of his vinyls. Combined with his love for coffee, a beautiful place was created, a place that can take you back to the best time of your life. A unique place plastered in vinyls, with a heavy emphasis on the ‘80s, music and nostalgia.“We frequently get people walking up to our vinyl walls and look at an album cover and say oh my god I remember a party I was at, or something. It brings back memories, and that’s why music is so incredible… A lot of stories are told”.

Growing up in Christchurch during the ‘80s, John gravitated to the experimental and non mainstream sound of alternative music especially due to the friends he hung out with. He loved the different sounds that bands were coming up with during this era. “It was just amazing. Every weekend you could go and listen to some different music”. Even John’s household is full of ‘80s music, and he’s passed on his love for alternative ‘80s music down to his kids.”I think it’s a generation where the music was generated has survived and it’s still out there but it’s kind of good to dig down like you guys are with The Garage. There’s some incredible music that people don’t hear mainstream and you’re bringing it back to life”. Personally, we couldn’t agree more.

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John and his friends were bloody excited when they heard about The Garage (as they should’ve been!). He tells us, “A whole bunch of my friends, we were just waiting to tune in. When you started to do the rotate thing we were all tuning in, of course after about an hour we were thinking oh my god I can’t wait till you actually get underway with this… We were really excited”. When we launched, John was not disappointed.

Go visit John at Vinyl Cafe to have some yarns about music, the ‘80s or The Garage. While you’re there get yourself some bloody good coffee or food, and reminisce. Vinyl cafe is located at 24B Essex St, Phillipstown, Christchurch. And The Garage is located on the 96.1 frequency, or on iHeartRadio and rova.

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