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What Items Made You Cool in the '80s?

Fletcher Platt
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What made you cool in the 80s?

A widely discussed topic that seems to be an argument on what was cool and what was not. So let's dive into the items that you could wield to make you into the cool dude you always wanted to be.

Sony Walkman:

When sony released this bad boy. It the world hard as people could now walk around anywhere they wanted and listen to their favourite tracks with cassettes. This meant people did not have to lug around a huge cumbersome boombox that let the whole entire neighbourhood know that you really liked new order, and played Blue Monday quite a bit. When you witnessed someone with one of these efficient and compact Walkmans the only things that crossed your mind was envy.

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The classic Nomads.They were ugly but everyone had them. Made by Clarks in Auckland, everyone around the country had them. They were flat as pancake and they were as uncomfortable as wearing boxes of plywood on your feet. However, for a generation of high school students they were what everyone was wearing as school shoes. As much as they were a bit of sight, everyone had them making them the “cool thing to wear”.


Rubik’s Cube:
Few have managed to solve it, but every kid in the ’80s was obsessed with this cube-shaped puzzle. They were carried everywhere, from home to school and back again, twisting and turning in hopes of finally finding the right combination of colors.

rubik 3x3 solved

Atari 2600:
It was like having an arcade in your very own living room. Sure, the graphics were bad, but no one cared. Any kid lucky enough to have his own Atari 2600 was the most popular person in his neighborhood, with friends and would-be friends and maybe even parents lining up outside his or her door for the chance to play some of the classics. Such as Pong, Space Invaders, Breakout, or Pitfall. Making this little bit of technology an iconic piece that surely made you a cool cat.

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