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Where did they go?... 80s Snacks

Emma Duffy
Snack Collage 1

Everyone had that classic, go-to snack in the 80s that can now only be described by the memories.

Whether it was the go-to treat to grab at the movies during an intermission or that two dollars you got as pocket money that could buy your favourite lollies and ice blocks for an entire week. 

A sweet pottle of Tangy Fruits has got to be one of the most memorable candies of its time. These round, fruity flavoured sweets were the perfect movie/candy bar treat. They were often considered the perfect size for rolling down the cinema aisle or even lobbing at someone you knew in the theatre. Cadbury ceased the production of the beloved Tangy Fruits in 2008 causing outrage, and for many Facebook pages to be made titles “Bring back Tangy Fruits”.

“New Chicken Chickadees are out of sight, they’re really cosmic. Here, take a bite”. This crispy chicken flavoured corn snack shaped like a chicken was a popular choice of snack back in the 80s. Especially as a lunchbox filler, or a weekend snack with the mates. Chickadees had the recognisable green packaging featuring The Feather Force comics on the box with Chickadee and The Flying Feather Force. These are still available across the ditch in Australia, but Bluebird stopped production of them here in New Zealand.

The Strawberry Toppa, a refreshing summer ice block consisting of Vanilla Ice Cream surrounded by a strawberry ice block. With a pricey cost of seventy cents each, this was the go-to Ice Block at the dairy, after a beach day with your friends. Strawberry Toppas made a come back for a short period of time during the summer in January 2014. After a nationwide vote between the Strawberry Toppa, Fruju Tropical Snow and the Mint Trumpet to bring back the favourite previously discontinued lolly.

The memories we have of these treats will last forever, along with the activities we associated these treats with.

What snack/treat was your favourite in the 80s that you wish we still had now?